About Weather Safety


Here are some interesting and cool things you may want to consider doing once hanging out in the hammock and doing absolutely nothing finally gets a bit old:

• slice open a fresh 5 lbs papaya and sinfully eat it all up
• cook your own fine organic meals with fresh local produce and fish or cook with Eliza to learn local Nicaraguan dishes
• learn Spanish through immersion
• dance on the terrace
• listen to music or to the sounds of the tropics
• observe birds and butterflies that come to our garden bird feeder
• grab your favorite book or one from our ever expanding and changing collection
• sunbathe, swim, surf or snorkel
• fish off the beach
• build sand castles

There are also many structured attractions nearby. They include:

– eco-tour to Playa La Flor to see the giant sea turtles

– boat tours to other local beaches

– fishing expeditions. Just make sure they are licensed and have proper life safety equipment for all passengers.

– The Flying Frog zip lines are fantastic, if you're into that kind of thing. Very affordable and spectacular during the green season.

– Granada is worth visiting if you are interested in heritage architecture. Take a horse-drawn carriage and get a full tour of this historic city for approximately $20. It will be worth worth every penny. But you'll be longing for the beach in no time. The El Zaguan steak house behind the cathedral is renowned for the best Argentinian steak.

– Ometepe Island is a two day event. Among many other attractions on the island, you can hike up one of the two volcano with a guide. The hike is a full day event, strenuous and very challenging but an experience of a lifetime. This does require some planning and reservations.

– exploring the nearby town of San Juan del Sur and its wide variety of restaurants, shops and services such as spas or Yoga studios.