Cooking services

Cooking Service

Please provide cash payments in US$ directly to Eliza, our chef extraordinaire. She calculates her fees for up to 7 guests, not per person. Tidying up after each meal is included in this fee. Please note, the purchase of all groceries, mineral water and alcohol is the financial responsibility of the guest.

All three meals throughout the day - US$15.00 total
Breakfast - $5.00, Lunch - $5.00, Supper -$7.00

Sample Menu – Breakfast

  • – eggs any way you like with bacon or ham~ enteros (sunny side up), revueltos (scrambled), duros, (hard boiled)
  • – gallo pinto – fried rice with red beans and onion with a dollop of sour cream
  • – pico de gallo – finely chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and cilantro salad
  • – home made bread toasted with butter
  • – jam
  • – yogurt
  • – fresh fruit or fresh fruit smoothie
  • – freshly brewed coffee – black or with milk and sugar

Sample Menu – Supper


– ceviche – shrimp, fish or avocado marinated in lime juice with onion and fresh cilantro

Main course

  • – filete jalapeño – chicken breast, fish or beaf in spicy sour cream, jalapeño and onion sauce
  • – gallo pinto – traditional rice with beans
  • – tostones – fried plantain chips with nicaraguan cheese and sour cream
  • – guacamole
  • – home made bread

This with a cold Victoria beer, or a glass of milk for the little ones... simply heaven.

Eliza also makes a mean chicken soup, all sorts of salads, beef and pork burgers, fried plantains with cheese and many other traditional nicaraguan dishes. Everything is possible, just ask her. A reminder, Eliza only speaks Spanish.

Traditionally Nicaraguans like their beef very well done so if you feel like having rare-medium beef tenderloin, I would recommend taking care of the frying yourself.

Enjoy! Buen provecho!